Frequently Asked Questions

If things are a bit fuzzy, here are some FAQS to makes it more clear...

If things are a bit fuzzy, here are some FAQS to makes it more clear...

Does the organization own or lease its homes?

GIL owns, operates, and manages all its' community residences. GIL is also licensed in CT to develop these residential programs as well. GIL operated facilities have been acquired, renovated, and developed by GIL Foundation, Inc. within the community.

How many people live in your homes?

There is no set number of people who live in any one home. Typically our homes support four to five residents. Each community residential program is developed around individuals’ needs within an appropriate peer group.

What is the age range and population served?

The age range and special needs served are diverse and wide-ranging within the adult developmental disability community, and also may vary from home to home depending upon the level of needs identified and various supports required to meet these needs.

How does a GIL residence differ from an institution?

Each GIL Community Residence is separately licensed and inspected by the State of Connecticut, Department of Developmental Services. A GIL Foundation residence is designed both to support the special needs individuals living there, and also designed to integrate well within the community in which it has been developed. Each facility is not only a structured on-going learning and caring environment, but also a home. GIL considers facility repair, maintenance, and general upkeep an on-going priority. Moreover, the organization carefully selects properties for development and operates them to reflect a positive image within the local community. This goes hand-in-hand with our mission.

Does the organization have a Crisis or Emergency Response plan?

Yes. The organization has senior/executive management on-call at all times. In addition, both communities have on-call management staff routinely designated which responds directly to a program or individual when there is an emergency or crisis. Each community residence maintains records, protocols, and plans to coordinate such efforts in the event of an actual emergency or crisis.

Does the residence have other emergency systems in place?

Yes. Each community residence operated by GIL is established under the authority of the Department of Developmental Services licensing division and also under the jurisdiction of the local fire marshal and other local officials. Each residence is equipped with emergency systems including but not limited to fire sprinkler systems, emergency lighting, smoke detectors, back-up generators, evacuation plans and routes, and other emergency systems as needed depending on the needs of the individuals served.

Does the organization receive referrals for new residents from families in the community?

Yes, GIL does consider referrals for new residents from families in the community. However, there is a process by which individuals may be placed through a regional DDS Committee charged with the responsibility to coordinate and facilitate such referrals systematically with respect to needs identified, resources available, and other eligibility criteria for clients which have been formally identified for placement. In addition, GIL may only receive referrals to a community residence which has a vacancy.

How can we find out more and if our family member is eligible for a referral to a residence?

The first place to start is with the Case Manager/Social Worker for DDS, DSS, or other state department which currently serves your family member’s needs. The Partners page on our website has helpful links to locate these contacts, and to further explore eligibility if interested.

Does the organization provide training to direct support staff?

Yes. GIL currently has a staff development program which coordinates required training for all direct support staff to work with special needs individuals in our community residences. Some specific training and certification courses are conducted externally, outside the organization, by approved sources.

Does the agency have nursing staff who coordinate medical care?

Yes, the Director of Nursing & Clinical Services oversees a team of support nurses who work directly in the field to support our staff to provide the highest quality of care possible. Generally the Program Directors and Managers will arrange to accompany the individual to appointments. Our nursing staff works directly with our management, direct support staff, and families served, making provision that all necessary information is available to the Health Care Provider at the time of the appointment.

Where does the organization receive its’ funding?

GIL receives funding from a variety of sources including but not limited to state contracts, state and federal client entitlements, private and corporate donations.

Does the organization receive donations, and if so, how can I contribute?

GIL is a 501(c)(3) organization organized in the State of Connecticut and exempt from Federal Income Taxes. Contributions and donations of any amount are welcomed and considered tax deductible by IRS due to our charitable status. Donations may be made electronically through our Give page; or sent directly to to GIL Foundation, Inc, PO Box 7331, Prospect, CT 06712.

Hopefully, things are more clear. Still have questions, feel free to shoot us an email and someone from our team will get back to you.

Hopefully, things are more clear. Still have questions, feel free to shoot us an email and someone from our team will get back to you.